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A Little Heaven in the Bush

George Adamson in Kora National Park

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                Remembering the Past , Supporting the Future

George Adamson is called 'The Father of the Lions' in Africa and around the world. He was a true founder of conservation, with a unique ability to connect and maintain a relationship with  rehabilitated and wild lions, living free in their natural environment. His wife Joy and himself are best known for the real life story 'Born Free'. The relationship with Elsa the Lioness would be the beginning of  his work ,  lasting until he was murdered at age 83.  I had the privilege to spend 6 months at his wild paradise, being caretaker of the orphaned cubs Bation, Rafiki and Furaha at Kampi Ya Simba.

The many photographs captured are in reality, the last record of his work in Kora National Park, Kenya East Africa. 

Proceeds from sales will be used to further awareness of Kora National Park and support organizations & resources pertaining to it's wildlife and  security. 

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Kampi Ya Simba - Camp Life

The Photographers View/Kora National Park

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